Clearing of abandoned land plots


We clear abandoned land plots, meadows, fields, ditches, roadsides, and forest outskirts overgrown with shrubbery and trees. We remove undesirable trees and shrubbery, remove undergrowth and stumps, clear the environment.
We grain the accumulated waste and remove it using our own transportation leaving a clean and orderly environment.

Abandoned land plots clearing services:

  • Clearing of abandoned territories (land plots, meadows, fields, roadsides, forest outskirts)
  • Cutting and graining of undesired shrubbery and trees
  • Removal of undergrowth and stumps
  • Clearing and maintenance of reclamation channels
  • Tree branch cutting under power lines

Why is it worth choosing us?

Often, we provide services of clearing abandoned land plots free of charge and when clearing larger, more densely overgrown territories – we pay additionally.
We work professionally, accurately and quickly. We use powerful equipment which allows us to qualitatively clear vast and densely overgrown areas as well as hard to reach areas.
We provide services across Lithuania all year.


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Zemaitija region
Production Manager Petras Budvytis
Phone number: +370 602 93981

Supervisor Raimondas Kazlauskas
Phone number: +370 645 20999

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