Irrigation of gravel roads

There is still a considerable number of gravel roads in Lithuania (roads not covered with asphalt). Dust emissions from such unpaved roads cause inconvenience to residents and businesses located nearby during the warm season, making the road spraying service highly relevant.

When spraying gravel roads, the top layer of the gravel is treated with dust reduction agents. When exposed to these reagents, the fine particles of the gravel are moistened and stabilized, therefore they do not enter the environment and do not pollute it.

Spraying gravel roads is beneficial because:

  • It improves the quality of life.
  • It improves traffic conditions and safety.
  • It reduces the negative impact on the environment.
  • It reduces vehicle noise.
  • It allows driving faster on the road, thus saving time and fuel.
  • It reduces gravel wear.


UAB “Raguvilė” provides gravel road spraying services to companies, organizations and residents.
We provide the service throughout the entire Lithuania.

What do we spray on gravel roads?

Gravel roads are sprayed with a special solution containing calcium and sodium chloride brine, which is extracted from the oil fluid by separating the liquid from the oil and gas in a separator.

The gravel road sprayed with high mineralization brine absorbs moisture from the ambient air at night and remains moist during the day, which significantly reduces the emission of dust (solid particulate) from road traffic.

The solution meets all the set requirements, is not harmful to the environment and health, and does not pollute groundwater.


How long does the spraying effect last?

The positive effect gradually decreases and lasts for about a month. The effect also depends on the weather conditions (the effect lasts longer in wetter weather).


How much does the service cost?

The price of the service depends on the location, the length of the sprayed road section and the width of the road.
Would you like to find out the exact price? Contact us – it’s so simple!

Why choose us?

Professional team. 18 years of work experience ensure the quality of the works performed. We listen to the needs of each client and always strive for the best results.

Flexibility. We work on the basis of long-term contracts as well as individual orders. Whether you need the service once or continuously, contact us and we will offer the solution that suits your needs best.

Competitive prices. We always strive to offer the best prices, so if you need a road spraying service, contact us and we will provide a competitive offer.


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