Oil and sand catcher servicing


The purpose of oil and sand catchers – cleansing of production wastewater and surface rain wastewater polluted with oil products. These catchers are installed in gas stations, car washes, garages, industrial companies and other institutions.
As for every cleaning equipment, oil and sand catchers need servicing that ensures effective work of the equipment and allows to prevent unforeseen accidents and downtimes.


We provide the following oil and sand catcher servicing services:

  • Suction of wastewater and sludge polluted with oil products and transportation for utilisation
  • Cleaning and chemical wash of tanks and pipelines of oil products
  • Cleaning, diagnostics and inspection of sand catchers
  • Inspection of technical status of equipment
  • Cleaning and replacement of separators and filters of oil products
  • Pipeline video scope diagnostic

Wastewater pump maintenance


The purpose of wastewater pumps (lifting stations) – collection and lifting of domestic, surface and industrial wastewater as well as sludge to higher situated wastewater cleaning equipment, a wastewater collection tank or wastewater networks.
Certified JSC “Raguvilė” employees perform all pump maintenance works.

Why is it worth choosing us?

  • We perform works using technically orderly and environment-neutral machines.
  • We have all the necessary qualification certificates and permits, which allow us to carry our handling of dangerous waste. We issue documents certifying waste handling.
  • We service according to individual orders as well as long-term agreements. If necessary, we make equipment maintenance schedules. Qualified specialists will arrive on time convenient for you.
  • We work in all of Lithuania.
  • We always strive to offer the best service prices, so if you require catcher servicing, contact us and we will make you a competitive offer.

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