Production and provision of biofuel


About biofuel

Biofuel – fuel made of biomass which is composed of biodegradable materials and waste of farming, forestry and related branches of industry.

Logs, as an energy source, have been used for a long time. As technology developed, a possibility to use wood waste, unsuitable for any other purposes, for fuel production emerged. The use of wood waste for the production of biofuel allows for an efficient use of forest resources.

Burning biofuels do not emit CO2, for this reason is an ecological source of energy for heating companies.
Biofuel is produced form renewable resources, thus the production and use of biofuels is encouraged by the state.

Production of biofuel

We produce wood chips from wood, wood cutting or wood processing waste: stumps, bark, branches, sawdust or their briquettes. We have special equipment for biofuel production and transportation.

The biofuel produced by us corresponds with the technical specification of energy resource exchange for wood chips. Wood is usually purchased with a FSC 100% certificate. JSC “Raguvilė“ holds a FSC® certificate (licence code FSC-C152458). This ensures that production and services come from well managed forests which provide social, environmental and economic benefits.

If a need arises, we are able to provide biofuel according to long-term agreements.


We provide the following services:

  • Biofuel (wood chips) production
  • Provision of biofuel to biofuel boilers


Buying of wood waste


As we are producers of biofuel, we buy firewood and use it to produce biofuel, we also buy forest cutting waste, various wood of low value.

We collect low-value wood which is unsuitable for any other purposes – branches, shrubbery, wood waste from sawmills etc. We transport larger amounts ourselves.


We provide the following services:

  • Buying materials for biofuel production (firewood, forest cutting waste) from forest owners and forest stewardships
  • Collection of greenery maintenance waste (branches, bushes) from fields and cities
  • Collection of waste wood from sawmills
  • Handling low-value wood from landfills
  • Stump drilling using special equipment or digging out using excavator
  • Stump acceptance


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