Territory maintenance

We carry out territory maintenance all year. In springtime we perform mowing of green areas, landscaping, territory clearing and other environment maintenance works. In wintertime we perform snow clearing and removing, sand and salt spreading works.


Territory maintenance services:

  • Mechanised street sweeping
  • Manual and mechanised clearing of territories (yards, internal paths, sidewalks, courts etc.)
  • Mowing of green areas (parks, squares, yards, land plots)
  • Grass cutting under high voltage lines, at electricity substations
  • Litter collection, disposal
  • Lawn installation and greenery maintenance (preparation and planting of flowerbeds)
  • Road watering, moistening of gravel covers (reduction of dustiness)
  • Manual and mechanised snow clearing, snow disposal
  • Spreading of sand and salt mixtures and other preparations

Why is it worth choosing us?

Reliable equipment
For mechanised street sweeping and territory clearing we use powerful and manoeuvrable vacuum sweeping machines which ensure fast work in small as well as larger territories. Vacuum machines collect all dirt and waste while continually dampening the surface, for this reason they do not raise the dust into the air and surrounding surfaces remain unpolluted.
Having a wide selection of equipment, we are able to cut grass in hard to reach places as well as unmaintained and very tall, woody grass.

Professional team
Professional employees and attention for the needs of a client allow to ensure the quality of works, and that is why if you choose us, you can be sure that the environment will be safe and orderly.

We preform territory maintenance on frequency chosen by a client (daily or periodically) or according to the need, on request of a client – all day.
We work according to long-term agreements as well as individual orders. It does not matter whether one-time services or continuous territory maintenance is required – contact us and we will offer a solution that meets your needs.

Competitive prices
We always strive to offer the best prices for our services, so if you require territory maintenance services contact us and we will make you a competitive offer.

Our clients

We are trusted by companies and private persons as well as by government institutions and organisations.
Some of our clients: AB “Energijos skirstymo operatorius”, Lithuanian Armed Forces, Mažeikiai Eldership, administration of Mažeikiai District Municipality, administration of Kretinga District Municipality, Alytus City District Municipality, administration of Klaipėda District Municipality, various communities of apartment buildings.


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Western region
Unit Manager Regina Zavjalova
Phone number +370 676 91903
Email [email protected]

Zemaitija region
Unit Manager Dangis Lenkšas
Phone number +370 668 34051
Email [email protected]

Supervisor Raimondas Kazlauskas
Phone number +370 645 20999
Email [email protected]

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