Woodcutting and pruning

We provide all of tree and shrubbery cutting, pruning, crown forming and other maintenance services.

We cut trees in forests (basic and growth cutting), private land plots, cities, cemeteries and other territories.

We cut old and dangerous trees. Having all the required equipment, we are able to safely cut trees situated in hard to reach locations. Timely removal of old and dangerous trees allows to remain calm regarding the safety of people and property during storms.

We employ qualified and knowledgeable specialists. We use advanced equipment which allows us to work qualitatively, quickly and effectively.

Woodcutting and pruning services:

  • Forest cutting, thinning
  • Woodcutting in forests and other territories
  • Shrubbery cutting and thinning
  • Destruction of development of root systems
  • Stump removal, milling
  • Cutting of dangerous trees
  • Planting of trees and shrubbery, transplantation
  • Plant watering, pruning, renewal
  • Spraying of trees and shrubs for pests

Why is it worth choosing us?

We work according to long-term agreements as well as individual orders.
It does not matter whether a tree growing dangerously needs to be removed or a larger territory needs to be cleared – we are at your service.


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Western region
Unit Manager Regina Zavjalova
Phone number: +370 676 91903
Email: [email protected]

Zemaitija region
Unit Manager Dangis Lenkšas
Phone number: +370 668 34051
Email: [email protected]

Supervisor Raimondas Kazlauskas
Phone number: +370 645 20999
Email: [email protected]

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