Disposal of domestic wastewater

The service of suction and disposal of domestic wastewater (sanitation) is relevant to residents and institutions that have no possibilities to connect to the central wastewater disposal networks and accumulate wastewater in certain wastewater accumulation containers. The users have to take care of this wastewater themselves.


Works of disposal of domestic wastewater:

  • Suction and disposal of wastewater from various containers (tanks of wastewater accumulation, outdoor toilets, wastewater pits, sewerage wells).
  • Washing of wastewater accumulation reservoirs, outdoor toilets, wastewater pits, channels, pipelines.
  • Cleaning of clogged sewerage systems using high pressure.
  • Emergency liquid suction from flooded basements and other premises.

Why is it worth choosing us?

  • For wastewater suction we use hoses of 120 m length, thus we are able to reach more distant equipment and premises.
  • For wastewater suction we use sanitation vehicles of 8 m3 volume with a washing equipment which meet all requirements for such equipment. We deliver wastewater to waste utilisation companies.
  • We work in all of the Lithuania.
  • The price of wastewater suction and utilisation depends on the distance to the site of service provision, amount of wastewater and possibility to drive to the object. We always strive to offer the best service prices, so if you require wastewater disposal services contact us and we shall make you a competitive offer.

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