Pipeline cleaning and video scope diagnostic


Pipeline cleaning

Over time, dirt and sediment build up in the sewer, rain and other sewage systems, creating plugs that reduce pipeline permeability and can cause accidents. To ensure the proper functioning of piping systems, preventive cleaning of the pipelines and removal of obstructions must be performed.

Qualified employees of JSC „Raguvilė“ carry out emergency and preventive cleaning of pipelines, also hydrodynamic cleaning and washing, during which, by using high-pressure water jets, plugs, dirt and sediment are removed and rinsed to restore its permeability. The work is carried out with professional high-pressure equipment capable of flushing pipes of various diameters. Washed dirt is sucked up and removed for disposal. Washable pipes have a diameter of 110 to 500 mm.
In the absence of hydrodynamic pipeline cleaning, mechanical pipeline cleaning is performed.

We provide the following pipeline cleaning services:

  • Emergency and preventive pipeline declogging, cleaning and washing using hydrodynamic cleaning process (high-pressure water)
  • Milling of solid contaminants (hardened plaque, plant roots)
  • The suction of dirt by hydrodynamic vacuum machine and removal for disposal
  • Washing and preparation of newly installed pipelines for video scope diagnostics

Pipeline video scope diagnostic

We offer pipeline video scope diagnostic service, which professionally assesses the condition of existing or newly installed pipelines, identifies pipeline defects and their locations.
The video scope diagnostic inspection record and photos are on digital media.
The maximum length of the pipeline section to be checked from a single point is 120 m and the diameter of the pipeline is 110 mm to 500 mm.

Pipeline video scope diagnostic work:

  • Detection of wear and defects in existing pipelines
  • Evaluation of existing and newly installed pipeline pipe walls and joints
  • Drawing a schematic diagram of a pipeline


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